Best Style XBox One S Cooler, Vertical Stand Base Holder Mount +Cooler + USB HUB For XBox One S

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  • Secure your Xbox one console tightly in vertical position
  • 1 Big silent cooling Fan, Keeps your console from overheating
  • 4 Front USB ports (1 USB 3.0 + 3 USB 2.0)
  • Mini console shape design, harmonious match
  • Easy clip-on installation

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Description: Features: Cooling fan-reduces ambient air temperature by pushing hot air away from the console. 4 extra USB HUB ports-allows you to not only save your game in data storage, but also charge your headset or electronics while enjoying your game. Vertical stand, securely position your console upright for the perfect setup and fit. Use for x-one console and controller. - Designed for Xbox One - The Cooling Fan for Xbox One is the optimised solution for cooling down Xbox One console - Delicate design perfectly fits the console - Cool down the Xbox one console by expelling hot air out. - USB powered, no AC adaptor needed - Touch switch adopted, easy to turn on or off - Easy clip-on installation

Specifications: Size: approx. 225*155*30mm/8.85*6.1*1.18'' Net weight: approx.455g

Included: 1 x Vertical Stand 1 x Cooling Fan 1 x User Manual

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